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Product Description

The Let's F**k! Dice game from Kheper leads you to do one and only one thing..... Oh what fun! Roll your way to pleasure! 

The pink dice say: Nipple, Bottom, Cheek, Blow On, Gently Suck, Tickle, Lick, Lips, Gently Suck, Kiss, Clitoris, Navel, Massage. The blue dice say: Pecs, Testicles, Penis, Lips, Butt Cheeks, Earlobes, Lick, Suck, Tug On, French Kiss, Pinch, Spank. The grey die says: Doggie Style, Man on Top, Shower Sex, Receive Oral Sex, Woman on Top, Side by Side Sex.

The man takes the two pink dice and the woman takes the blue dice. Whoever grabbed dice first, takes the first turn. Players take turns rolling both dice. After each roll a player performs the action rolled, on the body part rolled of the other player. Play continues until someone has rolled a winning roll. For the pink dice, winning rolls are 'Gently Suck Clitoris' or 'Lick Clitoris'. The blue dice winning rolls are 'Suck Penis' or 'Lick Penis'. After the winner has given his (or her) lover the winning roll reward, he gets to roll the silver die. If he wants to carry out the action on the first roll, players have sex based on the roll. If not, he is allowed to take a second roll, but this one must be carried out.

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